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06 September 2017


Assalamualaikum Readers

I knew it!! I just knew it!! Pemalas memang macam ni, if you read my latest post I said that I'm going to update a new post about my #UUMSquad if rajin, but look what happened?! Hahahahahahahaha this is so me (pemalas nak mampos) I haven't done anything pon at home, been busy with nothing but watching YouTube I guess. I mean this week I'm going back to UiTM and and I know that I'm going to be sad that I can't watch YouTube anymore........WHY? BECAUSE OF THE ASSIGNMENTS, STUDIES AND ALL FML!

So today imma tell you guys about my #UUMSquad. Wait Mia, what the heck is hashtag UUMSquad? Idk about the hashtag though (I mean why not) but UUMSquad is my UUM friends, you geddit girl? Before I got into UiTM, I went to UUM first for your information. I applied for Event Management there and I got it but I didn't like it because I really don't want to further my study at UUM. Well, it's not because I hate it it's just that it's too freaking near from my house (literally 30 mins away ok) and I've always wanted to study at UiTM Shah Alam and I want to continue my study in Mass Communication there since I was like in highschool. 

But, fyi as I registered into UUM I was still waiting for UiTM result whether I get accept or not. My first day of orientation in UUM was fun cus I found my Kptm friend and we got the same course, like how cool was that? I was so scared that I might end up alone (as usual) you know like no friends, walk alone, eat alone etc but Alhamdulillah I met my old Kptm friend, Eyra then I met her roomate, Nana and then we met Syima!!

Fyi, I didn't get a roomate though cus the people yang handle bilik tu tersilap bagi bilik ketua DPP something like that. DPP ni is like your college/ dorm. There are DPP Eon, DPP Petronas, DPP BSN, DPP Bank Rakyat, DPP what else ha? I forgot! So myself, Eyra, Nana and Syima got DPP Eon for our 3 days of orientation. Fyi, if you guys dapat masuk UUM well you guys boleh stay in your own DPP sampailah habis sem like how awesome is that? Tak payah dah sibuk cari rumah sewa so tak bazir duit also bilik- bilik kat UUM semua cantik and tak sempit so no need to worry about bringing too much stuffs ok.

UUM's orientation was okay but too freaking boring tbh but I had fun cus got my bitches with me bro kalau depa takdak memang mati kutu lah jawabnya.. Thanks to them!! Here are some pics I took during our first day of boring orientation and damn we played a lot, gosh rindunya!!!

Below pic from left: Eyra, ME and Syima

Nana wasn't in the pics cus dia terpaksa dok dengan barisan lain as she was wearing a cream tudung instead of white, I know right like wth?? We got so angry at some of the facilitators sampai terkutuk macam- macam. Terkutuk ok bukan kutuk. Erm can or cannot? Hahahahahaha. Btw, salah satu sebab seronok dapat UUM is you guys will get so many kinds of stuffs!!! I mean look at our pics above, kami pakai selendang UUM ok! Only in UUM! Then, dapat denim backpack, file, pencil case, shampoo, cleanser and so on! Sumpah banyak gila dapat sampai expired dah my shampoo, cleanser semua tu (I guess seronok sangat dapat UiTM sampai terlupa nak guna barang UUM lol)

After habis orientation, all of us kena tukar DPP and I got DPP Petronas. The four of us got different DPP which kinda sad though especially Nana sebab dia paling jauh. Eyra dapat DPP EON, Syima dapat DPP Sime Darby and Nana dapat DPP TM (DPP TM used to have my crush lol) Damnnnn tetiba teringat, he's freaking tall and he used to sat in front of me, like are you kidding me?! My heart raced like crazy la tunggu apa lagi!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't "like" him, I just like to look at him. I mean sapa suka tengok sampah right?

I did tell them that I was waiting for UiTM result and they didn't want me to transfer there and hell yeah I felt so freaking bad/sad about it because I already met them and sumpah cakap depa ni baik gila pig, baru kenal sehari pon dah macam orang gila. Masa Kptm dulu kalau jumpa Eyra dok hi hi bye bye ja then bila betul- betul kenal baru tau perangai dia macam mana (paling baik and lembut of course). Syima takyah cakaplah 2 kali 5, 5 kali dua sama dengan aku tak guna. Hahahahahahahahahaha ok Syima jangan marah aku, sayang hang muah muah. Then, Nana pulak pendiam (gelak ja dengaq kami 3 orang Kedah ni cakap even tak lawak) She's from Selangor btw.

We went out to Alor Setar together for the first time and on that day jugak result UiTM keluaq, I was freaking out tapi sumpah takmau tunjuk depan my friends because I don't want to ruin the mood so I decided to check the result diam- diam whilst we were searching for parking in Aman Central then Alhamdulillah I got into UiTM (only Allah knows how I felt that time) but I didn't tell them. I was being so quiet and I pretended like nothing happened. I got so happy that I told my family in WhatsApp group and as usual no one responded (my family is the best) But then my friends semua tanya dapat dak UiTM and I told them that I got it. They congratulated me and they were sad that I'm going to leave. I felt so bad because I really love them cus they really get me you know. When people understand you, it's hard to let them go, kan? Not many people can understand us though (tetiba)

I decided to accept UiTM and leave UUM for good though but yeah life must go on. Ooooo I'm being so serious over here. Who is this? Fyi, Alhamdulillah my friends study kat UUM, so bila cuti boleh jumpa depa and kami semua tak lost contact still membabikan diri memasing lagi till now except for Nana, she quit UUM as she got married with her boyfriend (awww so happy for her) and now she's pregnant like girl, you so fast meh!! Hahahahahaha

My beautiful Nana and her beloved husband

Fyi, disebabkan my #UUMSquad baik sangat to me so I joined them to go to the first week of class (jadi pendatang haram sat) and I had so much fun with them so thank you guys especially to Eyra sebab rajin layan kami pi library (usha laki- laki hensem oopps) Hehehehe dapat jugak merasa belajar kat UUM which was sooooooo awesome guys!! Facilities kat sana memang boek and people there takyah cakaplah semua baik and friendly. One of the reasons seronok dok UUM is international and campur bangsa so you get to friends with Indians, Chinese, Nigerians and so on. DEPA SEMUA FRIENDLY!!! (tetiba rasa menyesal pindah...erm) Banyaklah benda best if you guys sambung degree/ master/ foundation/ PhD kat sana, kalau nak shopping pon habis- habis pi Aman Central hehehehe kalau dah bosan sangat bolehlah pi Penang. Ok nak study ka nak shopping? Nak study buat cara nak study, ceh look who's talking? The one yang selalu broke setiap kali keluar... 

Like I told you guys before, I registered UiTM on my 22nd birthday and my #UUMSquad was freaking sweet that they surprised me and Nana for our birthdays. Nana and I weren't expect it at all, thank you so much Eyra and Syima!!! You guys are the sweetest! I wasn't feeling well on the day they surprised me though, I had allergies and my face was all red but I got so happy and almost teared up, yes! I'm so lucky to have them in my life. Baru kenal like 3/4 days but they made me so happy, tell me how can I not love them?

We did record some videos of what happened on that day, but I chose not to post here though cus I swore too much.... Why? Well cus they were throwing flour on my freaking face!!!  Last but not least, I love my #UUMSquad so much it hurts. I can't wait to see them tomorrow and we gon watch IT people, imma hella scream my ass off tomorrow!! Just wait....

Goodbye & Sayonara

21 August 2017

How was my semester 1? #DegreeLife

Assalamualaikum Readers

I've been wanting to tell you guys about semester 1 of my degree life so bad but it's just that I'm so freaking lazy to type everything and I sleep a lot damnnnnnn also I've been busy with video editing that I'm going to upload on my YouTube channel even though I'm not popular but yeah I think I kinda like to make or edit videos now, my new so-called passion lol!!! So here I am, sitting on my bed while typing all this crap for you peeps. 

First of all, how the heck are you doing?!!! Sorry for being kinda hiatus for about 4/5 days or so.. Hehehe. I miss my blogging life so much though I can just blog all day cus I have FINISHED my semester one! Like whuuuutttt? Where has the time gone man.. but yeah Alhamdulillah, I'm so happy!!! Even though I know, tak lama lagi dah masuk semester baru hmmmmmmm ugh whatever let's just skip on that sad part already! Imma share with you guys about my semester 1 of freaking degree life.

Hmmmm, where to start huh?

So my first day of class was better than I thought which made me so relieved! I met Lydia, Nayli, Mai and Bella. I was scared like crazy that no one wants to be friend with me but Alhamdulillah I met them and of course they're so nice to me which I'm so thankful (thanks girls) Then, after few weeks (if I'm not mistaken) we became friends with Kema and we created a WhatsApp group named Savage Squad, savage ka? Hell yeah!!

Left: My #OOTD for the first day of class
Right: My #OOTD for the second day of class

Ughhhh, I think ni la akibatnya kalau delay post, I can't remember shit! So how am I going to tell you guys?! Hahahahahaha I hate myself!

First semester wasn't that tough I guess, it's just that if you guys are like me, you might find it hard to be independent as I'm not an independent woman. I think it's true, people said that once we enter degree life, we need to be independent. Diploma or STPM sumpah berbeza dengan degree, for me la. When I was in my diploma, I'm always with my friends like most of the time, maybe because kami semua satu class sampai semester 5 kot, that's why we were always together unlike degree, you have certain classes with your friends and sometimes you might end up alone dalam class yang you don't know anyone and that'll make you be an independent person if you don't know how to socialize la, if you do I guess you'll be fine. I guess, I don't really know how to socialize with people (duhhhh) because sometimes I'm just that awkward potato that don't know how to approach people but yeah I kinda forced my comfort zone and start to socialize with people cus I love to talk and I want to talk with people instead of wall also I just like making new friends, I think it's cool that I can share some of my interest with them, kan? Don't you think so?

Talking about independent, most of my friends are from KL so every weekends, they always went back home which means I'm all alone and susahlah kalau nak hang out or do this and that but guess what guys?!!!!!!! They kinda helped me to be independent cus I can go to cafe/ koperasi etc alone now. I know it sounds so stupid like hello pi koperasi sorang pon tak reti ka?! (sadly, yes!) That's why I'm so proud of myself! Wehhhh, if you guys really know me, like really really really know me, I'm not an independent person at all!!!! Nak bayar duit kat cashier pon segan, nak naik grab/ uber sorang pon takut, nak jalan sorang- sorang pon takut and so on but now I think I can probably do everything alone except for solo travel like hell no guys. Hehehehehehe oh btw if you guys wonder that I don't have other friends ka apa, nooooo! I do have other friends, it's just that sometimes I want to do everything alone without anyone accompany me, I want to challenge myself, I want to know if I can do it or not, I want to see how far I can go. You geddit gurrrrrrl? (and tbh sometimes being alone is nice) If you don't believe me, you should try first! Who knows you might like it.

Fyi, I'm one of JPB (Jabatan Penggerak Biro) of my college and my job is a photographer which I love it so much because I love taking pictures. I'm so grateful that I get to be a JPB for last and next semester cus I know tak senang dapat. I interviewed for photographer and I got it, like heyyyyyy Alhamdulillah, I'm so happy! Masa first time interview tu sumpah best, my leader was soooooo supportive we talked and laughed a lot (cus we're utararians and she's my age) also she chose me to be one of the photographers for my college. Thank you so much, Nazu! Ohhh btw my friend, Zahrah and I won for JPB Paling Perform when we were being photographers of our college event. We were like what? what did we do? tapi takpalahkan we got a hamper!! *flip tudung sekali*. My advice to you people out there, if you guys ada peluang nak join club this and that, just join ja ok?! Sebab you'll have fun, make new friends, gain experience and so on.

also what makes me so happy for being one of the JPB is meeting these girls (Amy and Alis) I love these crackheads so much, jangan lupa janji kita next sem, ok? 

Then, if you're curious about assignments, well normal la kalau stress kan. Quiz, midterms and finals semua tu stress tak pernah tak stress. Tipulah kalau takdak rasa macam nak give up, right? Masa diploma berapa kali dah rasa nak give up tapi Alhamdulillah berjaya jugak even takdaklah sehebat mana, dean's list sekali pon tak pernah dapat, ok?! But yeah, just so you know I'm always that type of person asal lulus jadilah since UPSR sampailah sekarang sebab tu lah tak pernah nak dapat lebih, asyik dapat nyawa- nyawa ikan ja. Hahahahahahahahahaha so please don't be like me ok?! Heck yeah, I'm serious! Be better la like you must freaking work your ass off in everything especially on your assignments. Oh btw, if you guys baru masuk UiTM I mean memana UiTM lah, on semester one you guys MUST join Kesatria Negara (KoKo) which I hate the most sebab kena kawad and I freaking hate kawad cus I'm soooooooooooo freaking bad at it ughhhhhhhhh!!! Awal- awal pi KoKo dulu pon dah kena jerit dengan komander, semua orang lari macam semut hahahahaha sumpah macam stupid bila ingat balik! LOL. Also, bila dah wajib join KoKo hampa semua wajib join Persak (pulak), I don't know how to explain about Persak but basically Persak ni macam pertandingan antara semua orang (semester 1 shj) dengan semua jenis courses. Geddit? Masscom VS Engineering VS Law VS Sport Rec etc and you know what? We freaking won Persak and I had so much fun joining it like hands down people!!



So if you guys dapat sambung study kat UiTM Shah Alam, I think semester 1 ya'll kena dok bilik 4 orang, which I don't really like it because I'm that type of person yang bawak barang macam nak stay forever so I found it hard to organize my stuffs though........ so yeah (lol) Imma show you guys my room but please don't freaking judge me, alright?! Hope you like it hehehehehehehehhehehehehehe.

Hmmmmmm tbh guys these are like some of my stuffs, I got like 3 boxes of my shoes, foods and bags under my bed also my almari or locker??? was full of shitzzzzzzzz, every time people went to my room they always said "mia, you taknak balik ke" "banyaknye barang you" "semaknya" hahahahaha depa tak tengok lagi my room when I was in my diploma fuhhhhh like crazy I tell ya! Idk why I brought so much stuffs, why ah Mia? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????? Whyyyyyyy?????

For those of you who didn't know, I'm a mass com student and fyi every mass com students must participate in Majlis Tautan Kasih (MTK) whatever that is. So on the night of MTK I acted.. as a wife.. as a mom.. as a freaking pregnant mom (which was my idea lol) and I kinda liked it though. Our show was about well erm family? or something like that. I had so much fun acting with my classmates and Imma share you some of my pictures on that day as a pregnant mom wearing a baju kedah with kain batik otw nak terlondeh or Bahasa Melayu, tertanggal Bahasa Inggeris, wait IDK.


So far my first semester of degree was okay, I guess. Masa diploma pon, first semester takdalah happy mana just okay so I think normal la kot. I've been through so many things jugak even baru semester 1 for example, I once had shingles on my forehead and it was so freaking hurt man! Btw, thank you to those sudi melawat I waktu I sakit, you guys are the sweetest! Now, I have a black disgusting scar on my freaking forhead.. just nice! But yeah, everything happens for a reason, maybe sebab selalu sangat menjawab dengan parents and malas pi class kan so dapatlah balasan Allah bagi. Padan muka hang!!! Okay back on topic, what makes me really happy staying at UiTM is probably because I've met so many new friends and they're so nice yet crazy which has made me quickly adapted to a new environment so thank you my friends. I'm so happy that I met all of you! Thank you, Lydia, Nayli, Kema, Bella, Mai, Qila, Nisa, Iqa, Lya, Masyi, Dina, Amy, Alis, Zati, Jiji, Baby, Lin, Yaya, Zahrah and many more! Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for making an awesome semester one for me, so much love for you guys! If you guys are going to study kat memana lah and rasa anxious, insecure and so on, remember this awal- awal you might find it hard nak adapt environment tambah pulak if you guys tak pernah dok jauh from family but trust me somehow you'll get used to it because hello I've been there and I know you can do it. It's okay if you don't like to socialize, it takes time and everything will be just fine In sha Allah. I think that's all for this post, I'm going to update about my #UUMSquad after this (doakan I rajin ok) if not wait for 345678910 days more. Muehehehehehehehehehe thanks for reading! Love you guys to bits.

(I'm gonna miss you old bed, old room, old chair etc)

Goodbye & Sayonara.

10 August 2017

My YouTube Channel!!

Assalamualaikum readers

I've always wanted to upload videos on YouTube but I just didn't have the encourage to do so yet, and why is that? Well yeah I'm scared that people will say something negative on comments about my videos like "kau ingat kau cantik ke" "perasan la kau ni" and so on. The thing is, I just wanted to share my sorta life with the world, it's not that I'm being perasan or something like that. Ok? Please people, let's be nice with each other.

Moving on, I have good news for you or for me? but whatevs who gives a crap!  I have a YouTube channel and for your information,  last 6 days I've uploaded 2 videos there and I kinda feel good about it even though I'm not that good when it comes to video editing like no kidding guys, I'm such a noooooooooob but yeah I did it!! Yay me! So, if you guys are bored at home and got nothing to do, do pay a visit to see my not-so-cool videos on YouTube, it would mean so much to me (self promoting I guess lol)

Firstly, imma show you how to find me on YouTube, let's see..

STEP 1: Click on YouTube icon on my sidebar.


Just so you know, I just uploaded a new video about 10 minutes ago on YouTube, so don't forget to drop by alright!! But if you're too lazy, you can watch my videos here on my blog. Teheee I guess there's no excuse to not watch my videos then. LOL just kidding!

Here you go! I hope you enjoyed my videos and yasssss! I'm still working on the editing though so don't be so judgy! Hehehehehehe. Oh yeah, one more thing, don't forget to view in HD for the best quality and feel free to subscribe my channel ihiks. Love you guys!

Goodbye & Sayonara

08 August 2017

How I met Lydia..

So, I registered into UiTM Shah Alam on 6th March 2017 (my birthday fyi) and I was the happiest girl ever! I mean of course lah sebab dah lama kot nak sambung study kat situ tambah pulak register on my birthday kan, rasa macam I gave myself a present that I’ve been wanting so freaking long, so Alhamdulillah. But, fyi masa hari register tu sumpah aku takdak mood at all!! Why? Well sebab aku pikiaq pasal kawan, aku takut if takdak orang nak kawan dengan aku langsung lol. I know it sounds funny but sumpah aku serious gila when it comes to friends, I'm scared, scared of being alone.

Aku kena register dekat dewan and sumpah aku takdak mood that time but nasib baik family aku teman aku register so aku takdaklah feel keseorangan. Aku Nampak macam ramai ja yang dah ada gang but aku still terkapal-kapal cari kawan diploma aku. Fyi, aku ada sorang kawan from Kptm Kuantan jugak, but sadly masa aku register tu kawan aku tu lambat sikit so aku terpaksa register sorang diri which I hate the most sebab I’m that one person who doesn’t know how to be independent since my dad always manjakan his children. LOL ayah ni semua salah ayah ok?! Hihihihi.

Sumpah cakap penat gila pi here and there, dah pulak takdak faci langsung untuk kemasukkan aku, so sumpah sedih! Semuanya kena tanya orang, kalau orang taktau pepandai lah cari sendiri. But, aku berjaya jugak register on that day and mood swing abis takyah cakap sebab takdak sorang pon yang aku kenal. Semuanya ada gang dah, aku ja awkward sorang. Berbeza dengan masa aku register untuk UUM, aku ada Eyra so pi mana pon dengan dia and tak habis- habis gelak kuat sampai semua orang tengok masa register tu. LOL. Tetiba kat UiTM I ended up register sorang diri and orang lain tengok aku pelik like I don't have a nose or something. Ughhh why people?!

Lepas regiter academic, aku kena register for college. On the way nak register tu, aku banyak diam and muka aku macam susu basi cus yeah aku pikiaq aku takkan ada kawan nanti nakpi class, lunch etc. So, my bro told me to relax and he said...

Abang: It's okay, junior abang pon masscom and dia pon takdak kawan jugak so nanti
adik bolehlah kawan dengan dia. Abang dah bagitau dia suruh teguq adik nanti. Nama dia Lydia.

Me: But dia masscom apa?

Abang: Dia publishing.

Me: Dia publishing, adik CMP so memang daklah nak jadi kawan sebab tak sama.

Then, masa aku register college tu sumpah aku takdak mood habis. Aku tak senyum langsung kat sesapa. But then, ada this one girl mai sebelah aku untuk register college jugak. Abang aku pon mai kat aku and said hi to that girl beside me. Aku sikit pon tak pandang, aku just cepat- cepat register and blah. Time aku blah tu, aku terlupa ambik card aku, so that girl which was Lydia called me "awak- awak, awak terlupa ambil ni", then aku pon pi kat counter tu balik and ambik card aku cakap terima kasih then blah. 

Bila semua dah settle, family aku pon tinggal aku and I cried. Like of course! 

7th March, Tuesdsay
First day of class..

I went to class alone for the freaking first time. Aku dok cari manalah class aku tak jumpa- jumpa, terpaksa tanya senior and luckily they helped me. But you know what?! You know what?! Aku salah tengok jadual class!! Aku tengok jadual hari Isnin, like wtf Mia?! No wonder la class yang aku tunggu tu takdak orang. Hahahahaha I feel so stupid bila ingat balik. Then, aku pon refer la jadual hari Selasa and searched for my classroom. AT LAST JUMPA JUGAK, AND ADA ORANG! 

At first, takut gila nak masuk class sebab full of people and of course lah tempat pun banyak dah penuh. Bila dah masuk tu, aku pun decided dok belakang sekali (alone) but then, ada this one girl (Mai) tegur aku and she told me to sit beside her, I was like wow so nice of her and then aku pon changed my seat and we had conversation. She told me so many things about UiTM which was so helpful, so thanks Mai!! Then,  fyi sebelah aku pon ada orang jugak (saja buat tak nampak kan hehehe) and we talked... 

Me: You CMP eh?

Girl: Taklah, I Publishing.

Me: Ohhh, you diploma mana dulu?

Girl: I dari KPM. You?

Me: Ohhh KPM. I KPTM.

Girl: U tau ke KPM? Sebab ramai yang taktau.

Me: Tau. Kolej Profesional Mara. You KPM mana?

Girl: I KPM Kuantan.

Me: Ohhh!! Indera Mahkota eh?! Abang I study situ jugak!

Girl: Ohhhhh

Me: *slapped her thigh* Ehhhhh, you junior abang I kan?!

Girl: *shocked* Abang you? Abang you nama apa?

Me: Abang I, Khalis!

Girl: Khalis?? *muka bodo* Ohhh faci K?!

Me: Yeahhh! You, Lydia kan?!

Girl: Ha ah, Lydia.

Me: Laaaaaaaaa, omg! Abang I dok cerita pasal you,
tengok- tengok you dok sebelah I *shocked*

Hahahahahahaha, I still can't believe it! Rasa macam dunia ni kecik sangat, tak expect langsung you know. Punyalah ingat takkan jumpa si Lydia ni but then, she sat beside me pulak tu! I guess it is soooooooo true that Allah is the bestest planner ever. We both met each other in an unexpected way.  Kelakar gila bila ingat balik and tak sangka pulak on the first day, aku dah dapat kawan not just Lydia, but Mai, Nayli also Bella and all of them are Pubslishing. Aku sorang ja CMP. LOL.

(Lydia and I)

So, I think that's basically how I met Lydia. My first impression of her was she's a shy person but bila dah kenal........ barulah tahu dia macam mana kan.... Hahahahaha miss you bij! Can't wait to see you next semester. Makin gemok or makin kurus ni? 

Goodbye & Sayonara

24 July 2017

Qila's 23rd Birthday

Assalamualaikum readers

So, my friends (Qila's roommates) and I surprised Qila for her advanced birthday celebration at our college and tak sangka langsung menjadi like seriously! Qila was so surprised, thank god! Sumpah ingat dia macam dapat feel something fishy sebab her roommates and I asyik paksa dia stay college (sebab dia selalu balik rumah on weekend that's why we forced her to stay, we had to!) and we gave so her so many excuses but maybe Qila ni bodo jugak kot sebab tu dia tak dapat agak. Bij, you stupid?

On 17th July, my friends, Qila and I had an exam at the same place/same time, so we planned to surprise Qila after we finish our exams. It was kinda hard at first cus I always had lunch with Qila after we finish our exam so on that day, we had this conversation...

Qila: Kau tak ikut mia?
Me: Aku nak jumpa kawan aku jap, japgi dia ambik.
Qila: Kawan kau yang mana?
Me: Ala kawan kptm aku tu la, yang perempuan tu.
Qila: Bila dia nak sampai?
Me: Japgi lah, korang pegilah makan dulu k. Jumpa kat college nanti.
Qila: Okayyyyy

I swear to god, I was so nervous that time cus I was scared that she would notice something but thank god tak. I was trying so hard tipu dia cakap nak jumpa kawan and so on padahal I was waiting for her roommates to get the hell out of the hall (jawab apa lama sangat taktau depa tu) LOL. Then, at 12 something we went to Section 7, Shah Alam to buy Qila a cake and balloons also we thought of buying her some presents but sadly we didn't have much time as we were rushing cus Qila wanted to go back to KL after she meet us. So sorry Qila, aku tak sempat pulak belikan hadiah untuk kau but for sure nanti next sem aku bagi ok?!

We bought her a SLICE of macadamian cake from Secret Recipe, Hokkaido Cheese Tart and a H and a B balloons (H and B? Happy Birthday la) then we were in a rush back to college to surprise Qila. Bila dah sampai college tu sumpah my friends and I were so blank cus we didn't know how to surprise her but luckily Iqa and I got an idea. Memula, Iqa went to their room and stay there for a while, then aku pun masuk dalam bilik Qila, pretending like baru sampai kolej dari jumpa my friend that I made up a story tu. LOL. Then, bila masuk bilik depa ja, bukak pintu ja...... hmmm ternampaklah badak berendam si Qila tu tengah tidoq, so Iqa and I were like "what are we supposed to do ni" "time nak surprise dia lah, dia tidoq gemok ni" but then, Iqa asked Qila to turun bawah at our college gazebo (tempat nak surprise Qila) to take pictures together then Qila pon bersiap and masa otw gazebo tu, I tried to keep on talking with Qila so that dia terkejut when we surprise her and luckily menjadi!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

Tadaaaaaa! We also made a big wishes card for Qila (why big? sebab Qila is big, she needs a big card) Please ignore that white hairy panty, that wasn't my idea. I know nothing about it. Ok I lied. Hehehehehehe

Fyi, if you're wondering why we surprised Qila's advance birthday and not on her real birthday (22nd July), well it's because that time sebab semua dah balik rumah since dah start cuti sem so yeah, that's why.

Anyways, thank you to all of you yang sudi nak surprise kan Qila sebelum kita semua start cuti sem. I'm surely going to miss you guys so much cus I know nanti next sem belum tentu dapat lepak macam selalu, sedih pulak bila pikiaq!!! Sayang Qila, Iqa, Nisa, Lya and ShuShu. Hope our friendship last forever. InshaAllah.

To Qila: Aku tak nak kau pindah la bodo. Aku tak sayang kau pun, aku just tak nak kau pindah. Kalau kau pindah aku nak maki kat sapa weh? Aku nak jerit/jerkah kat sapa kalau bukan kau? Kau la tempat aku buat semua tu, so janganlah pindah sakai woi! Takda lah seronok mana pon kawan dengan kau, except that kau baik sangat dengan aku and roommates kau, walaupun luaran kau kasar cam si_l tapi dalaman kau lembut sangat..........macam aku. You once asked me about friendship kan, aku pon taktau lah kita ni kawan sampai bila, doesn't mean that if kita tak contact, kita bermusuhan right? Aku pon tau, kita baru sem 1, we can't expect anything but yeah nama mu sentiasa dalam doaku so InshaAllah. Pray for the best. Thank you so much for the earrings you gave me. I love it! Erkkk, guys I know I might sound like I'm gay but I'm not, I'm straight and I love hot British guys. Ahaks!

Happy 23rd birthday, kak Aqilah Rashid! Adik Mia loves you (muntah hijau kuning pink biru hitam) Have a blast and May Allah bless you! Semoga jumpa jodoh yang baik and cepat kawin and buat anak.............. teheeeee!

Goodbye & Sayonara

31 May 2017

My life right now..

Assalamualaikum readers

Goshhhhhhhhhh, I miss my blogging life so much!!! I’ve been very busy with my degree life lately and I hate it. LOL. Haritu nak sangat sambung degree, bila dah degree benci pulak! Well, of course…. Sebab assignment banyak sangat and jadual class non stop sampai hari Jumaat, like why?! Dulu masa diploma, Jumaat tu dah start cuti. No kidding! Damnnnn missing diploma life so much it hurts and I haven’t seen my diploma friends since forever kot. Hmmm, how are you guys? Sumpah rindu yall! We should meet though???? But yeah, semua busy right now hmmmm. I geddit I geddit.

So, right now I’m currently at home cus cuti seminggu yall! Yayyyyy me! But now tinggal 4 hari lagi nak balik uitm. DAMNNNNN IT!!! Oh yeah, talk about uitm..well Alhamdulillah I’m furthering my degree in UiTM Shah Alam (dream come true guys) I can’t believe it! Still right now macam tertanya- tanya kat diri sendiri “betul ka dapat uitm shah alam ni, like how” and one more freaking thing guys!!!!! I got mass comm like what the heck?!!! Dah lama nak mass comm kot. Alhamdulillah walaupun haritu masa interview macam taik ja but still Allah tolong. Thank you so much to my interviewee for being so kind, may Allah bless you!

I have so many things to tell you guys but don’t really have much time because I’ve got lots of assignments to do hmmmmm. I think masa paling free is nanti cuti sem yappppp!! Can’t wait to tell you guys about UUM and UiTM (what UUM? Yes!! Sambung degree kat UUM dulu before UiTM fyi) my new degree friends, my faculty, my coursemates, my assignments (wait what?) okay fine lah my new life. LOL.  InshaAllah, if ada masa free I’ll update you guys so soon.

Imma show you guys my #SavageSquad (my cliques la duh) in UiTM, there are Lydia, Kema, Nayli, Bella and Mai. I love them so much and fyi 4 of them are from Publishing while Kema and I are from Communication Management Policy but somehow we end up together hehehe. Fyi, they're not that savage especially Bella (lol) compared to Lydia and I. Lydia, if you're reading this you know what I'm talking about. Hehehehe. We're so nakal like that even baru first sem. LOL. Btw guys, I have something to tell you about how Lydia and I met, it was freaking funny and stupid. But faith has brought us together somehow. Hehehehehe I can't wait to share it with you peeps!

From left Lydia, Mai, Nayli, Bella and me!!!! Kema wasn't in the picture, so sorry!! But I still love you though! #cmpforlife  

Anyways, Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims out there! May your patience and strength take you closer to Allah. InshAllah.

Goodbye & Sayonara

25 February 2017

What's in My Bag, 2017 Edition

Assalamualaikum readers

I'm going to share a very exciting stuff with you guys though I know it may not be for anybody but I definitely think some of you will enjoy this. If you do, give me a yay. Fyi, I'm always super into organizing everything in my bag since I was in high school like I always organized my books, pencil case, colour pencils etc very neatly and seriously guys I'm not kidding at all!! I've been probably super into it since then. Btw, a lil fun fact about me, even though I never did my homeworks when I was in high school (I mean why would I? Heck naaah) but to me having a neat bag is freaking important especially when you are a girl. Right? I took care of my backpacks very seriously since I was in form 1 and I also wrapped my school chair with wrapping papers for my bag so they won't get dirty or something. Am i weird? LOL. I mostly bought pink or white backpacks so I think that was the reason why I wrapped my chair. Please don't give me that weird face, I can see you! Hahahah and guess what? (you guys be like "whuttt") I still have 'em all! Waittttt, I think I kinda gave my form 3 bag to someone, so I probably still have like 4 backpacks now? Ermmm, I'm not sure I suck at counting so that's why I got a D in Maths, like no kidding guys! LOL

So yeah, today I'll be sharing a what's in my bag post and I'm very excited to show you my neat and clean bag (for now...) with you guys. Yayyyy!! Before you say anything, yes I know there are a lot of stuffs in my bag and my bag is always heavy but I kinda like it because it makes me feel safe somehow. Well duhhhh, my bag literally has everything I need. Fyi, I'm that one friend who always bring tissues/pads in my bag/pocket since high school, so semua orang be like "weh nak tisu" "weh, hang bawak pad kan? Nak satu". I'm obviously a life saver, kan? To all my friends, if you are reading this, please be proud yourself because you have the coolest friend ever. Hahahahahahahaha bwek! Oh yeah one more thing! I'm not a fan of handbags, purses, backpacks or what so ever (cus I'm more into shoes) so I usually buy for quality yet affordable bags from Zalora, online shops from Instagram and Brands Outlets. LOL like oh my god it's 2017 and I still shop at Brands Outlet. Ahhh come on, it's affordable af kot! Buy 2 free 1 weh and not to forget berkualiti pulak tu. LOL I think they should probably sponsor me for saying this.

Just because I got rajin today, Imma show you babes my what's in my big and small sized of bags (fake yay...) LOL. Fyi, my favorite things in my bag are my purse (duhhh), phone (heck yeah), glasses (untuk usha lelaki hensem dari jauh ok) and last but not least my one and only favorite lipstick from Silkygirl. So, what is your fav thing in your bag? Share with me!


What I got in my big/ normal sized of bag:

Doublemint chewing gum
Coin pouch from River Island
Body lotion from Bath and Body Works
Foundation from Maybelline
Glasses (yes, I'm farsighted) 
Hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
Ear pods
Lipsticks from Kissproof and Silkygirl
Purse with no money
Compact powder from ZA
Pepper Spray
Twin mirror from Forever 21
Lip balms from Maybelline and Sierra Bees
My phone of course!
Make up bag from Forever 21


What I got in my small sized of bag:

Compact Powder 
Twin mirror
Pepper Spray
Chewing gum
Body lotion
Lip balms

I think that's all? So these are the junks that I have in my bag and I would really like to know what you guys carry around on your everyday basis? Don't forget to comment down below. Heeeeee thanks! Much love for you guys.

Goodbye & Sayonara

09 February 2017

Interview UiTM (Mass Comm)

Assalamualaikum readers

Most of you maybe taktau yang aku ni tengah tunggu result nak masuk degree this year and yeah kalau tak, dah lama  aku dapat sambung degree but sadly, aku tak dapat masa result UPU haritu. Sedih, I know right. But, aku still tak give up. Aku try cari info pasal ipta yang lain sebab mana tau if ada rezeki kan. 

Aku apply upm, uitm and uum. Tapi, right now still tengah tunggu result. So, kadang-kadang bila tengah happy, tetiba teringat pasal degree, mood down terus. Hahahaha sebab takut if tak dapat kan. Aku memang dah target lepas diploma memang nak sambung degree, aku takmau kerja ka apa pon, memang nak degree ja so bila tak dapat UPU haritu sumpah sedih taktau nak habaq macam mana. Haritu masa apply UPU, sebenaqnya aku tengah practical, tak habis sem lagi so aku pon isi lah belum tamat pengajian. MEMANG TAK DAPATLAH JAWABNYA...

Then, aku pon try lagi isi ipta yang lain which is uitm, upm and uum. Tapi aku tak rasa aku akan dapat upm sebab tak kena syarat, upm just nak yang bawah B40 so memang susahlah aku nak dapat pon kan. Sebenaqnya, aku memang teringin sangat nak degree kat upm, taktaulah pasaipa. Maybe aku just suka environment kat situ, aku tau pon sebab aku pernah dok kat situ since kak aku degree sana and fyi, mak aku pon degree situ. LOL GENERATION!

Aku tunggu lama jugaklah result uitm keluaq, sebab aku apply mass comm kan, kalau mass comm kena interview, so aku tunggu result interview tu dari bulan 10 sampailah bulan 12 ni. Tengok- tengok on 8th December aku dapat message from uitm suruh chech result temuduga, so aku pon check lah, then I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HECK AKU DAPAT IV?! Aku tak pernah mengharap like gila babi, sebab aku tau payah nak masuk uitm ni, so aku memang taktau pon yang aku ni kena check result temuduga last year sebab aku mati-mati ingat kena temuduga next year. But still Alhamdulillah aku dapat jugak temuduga, aku happy at the same time nervous nak mampos. LOL

Aku happy pon sebab aku tak dapat peluang interview ni masa diploma dulu, then bila dapat untuk degree memang bersyukur jugaklah. Nak kata confident dapat masuk uitm tu memang jauh sekalilah sebab aku ni dalam bab apa pon tak pernah nak confident sebab tu sekarang umur 22 pon dok takut- takut drive. Ahaksssss *Dylla, my friend is you are reading this, please gelak with me* 

So.. Sekarang baru nak masuk pasal interview sorry lah merapu sorang atas tadi. Ehek ehek ehek...

On 17th December 2016, Saturday @UiTMKedah

Haaaaa before hampa semua baca ni, macam biasalah sebelum interview kita kena sediakan salinan ic, sijil, transcript and so on sebab duhhhh benda- benda tu pentingkan kalau takdak memang takleh pi interview. Haaaaa takut dak? Plus kita kena pakai pakaian formal, haritu aku pakai blouse with blazer and skirt. Make sure your pakaian tu kemas tak nampak selekeh langsung k sebab first impression is freaking important.


Anyways, disebabkan aku kena interview dekat Uitm Kedah (Merbok) at 8.30am so memang kena gerak awal lah kan since aku dok Jitra. Lepas subuh tu aku dengan family terus gerak dari rumah pi uitm. Pukul 7.30am dah sampai sana but kami pi breakfast dulu. Then, dalam pukul 8 pagi, aku pi uitm, cari notice board sebab nak tengok exam and interview kat mana. Before nak cari nama aku tu, ada dah sorang staff ni suruh masuk bilik untuk budak interview mass comm, aku pon masuklah. Masuk-masuk.......TERKEJUT SAT!! Bapak ramai gila yang dah ada dalam bilik tu, I was like aku yang lambat ka depa yang terlebih awal? (mini heart attack jugak bila on the way masuk tu)

Mula- mula masuk kena register then dok kat mana- mana tempat yang hang nak lah kan, sebab kena exam bertulis dulu then baru interview. Then, dapat satu form ni, kena isi pasal diri sendiri and rank major yang kita nak. Fyi, mass comm ada 8 major tau and there are Instructional Communication and Training, Policy & Management, Advertising, Publishing, Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relation and Interpersonal. Btw, kena rank semua major from 1-8 dalam borang tu. 

Kan mula- mula kena exam bertulis kan. So, kami semua dapat soalan "Explain the Role Media in Nation Development" and kena jawab dalam 30 minit. SUMPAH CAKAP AKU TAKTAU WEHHH! But, nasib baik jugaklah aku ada study 3 roles media. At least ada la something nak tulis kan. LOL but, memang sumpah aku cakap aku merepek dalam karangan tu. Masa nak habis masa tu, aku tergelak- gelak sorang baca essay aku. WTF MIA WTF

Then, tibalah masa untuk interview... Ada dalam 50 lebih orang, and dua orang ja interviewer, and sorang- sorang kena interview. Sumpah penat weh tunggu!!! Aku turn yang ke-51, ada pon 50 lebih. Taik kucing betul, dari pukul 8.30 pagi sampailah 1 or 2 petang aku tunggu untuk giliran aku. Rasa macam nak mengamuk gila! Aku tak stay dalam waiting room tu, sebab sejuk sangat membuatkan aku masuk toilet 4 kali weh 4 kali. So, aku decided tunggu kat luar kelas interview, ada 2 kelas (C1 and C2) Aku dapat kelas C1 btw.

So bila turn aku kan, sumpah rasa excited and nervous gila wehhhhhhhh! Lutus terketaq-ketaq habaq hang dahlah time tu pakai heels memang sumpah rasa nak jatuh. Haaaa drama dak? LOL. Bila masuk tu make sure baca Bismillah, masuk kaki kanan dulu and wajib bagi salam tau. Bila dah masuk, interviewer akan suruh kita duduk dulu then introduce yourself (duhhhh) Then, barulah dia tanya current issues, aku sumpah ketoooooooooooooooooorrrrrr weh cus aku bukan seorang yang rajin tengok or baca berita. Sumpah dakkkk! Aku pon jawab macam biasalah sebab aku baca BH online malam before interview tu, but tau dak aku baca apa? Aku just baca tajuk besaq! Hahahahahahahahahahaha why Mia why? Fyi, bila aku jawab 3-4 tajuk besaq current news tu kan, interviewer suruh aku explain pulak, aku dah terkelu lidah dah by that time but aku buat-buat confident then main hentam explain okay, rasa macam kurang cerdik sangat sumpah cakap!!! Lawak gila time tu bila ingat balik like seriously. Haaaa satu lagi, interviewer tu ada jugak tanya ada lagi dak current issue lain kan, so aku ada tengok berita malam before interview tu pasal bapa rogol anak kat Alor Setar kan, then aku dengan excited nya jawablah kan sampai interviewer tu search Google (tak tengok berita lettewwwww) LOL. Then, interviewer tu ada jugak tanya ada soalan dak nak tanya, and aku tanya la pasal minor courses kan then dia jawab and we're done. Ohhhh btw, fully English tau, takdak Bahasa Malaysia langsung okay. So, ni lah pengalaman interview aku. Harap membantu lah kan.

Fyi, aku dah lama draft kan post ni cuma harini baru teringat nak update kan. So sorrrrrrry! One more thing, I just got back from UUM orientation week, yes aku dapat UUM but dapat course yang aku takmau. LOL. I'll update about my orientation week nanti, In Sha Allah. Btw, esok result UiTM keluaq errrrr, sekarang tak takut lagi esok siaplah takdak mood. Hahahahaha. Good luck jugak for those yang tunggu result UiTM, let's tawakal beramai ramai malam ni, okay? Anyways, thanks for reading. Love you much!

Goodbye & Sayonara

23 January 2017

What's on my iPhone?

Assalamualaikum readers

I've always wanted to share what's on my iPhone with you guys and I really hope you enjoyed reading this entry. Fyi, I'm currently using an iPhone 6Plus in space gray, my dad bought it for me when I was in semester 3. Thanks dad! So, Imma tell you the story behind of my iPhone 6Plus here. I was in my semester break when I got my iPhone and little did you know, before I got my iPhone I was using a Samsung Galaxy S in white but I hate it because it wasn't working anymore and freaking useless! So, my parents and I surveyed for an iPhone together and at first I honestly thought that my dad was going to buy me an iPhone 5s but then he asked the promoter guy for an iPhone 6Plus and I was like "What the hell, am I dreaming or what". I was so shocked and happy at the same time when my dad purchased it for me cus yeah it means a lot! Before this, my dad got me a Nikon D3100 just for me because I've been wanting it like forever and I was the happiest girl alive I'm telling you! (Fyi I rarely use my DSLR now because I always use my iPhone's camera LOL) But I still love my DSLR though. It's a he btw and he got a name, Oreo. Yappppp no kidding! Back to our topic.. I'm so in love with the camera quality of iPhone *hands down* It really can change an ugly picture to something unique you know. So, I think this phone really suits me well since I'm that type of girl that always take pictures of anything, literally anything. Like for instance I'll take pictures of cute stuffs, unique walls, shoes on beautiful floors and whatnot. You know what I mean right? I know I'm not the only one who does those. Kan?

Sorry for rambling guys and if I'm making you confused reading this well sorry once again! Hahahahah but, whatevs that's just me being me (ERM NO HATE PLEASE) , so without further due let's just get into the topic already. Yayyyeerrs! Fyi, I'm not really a fan of mobile phones so I'm okay with this one and I really need to save money for a macbook guys. I-need-it-so-freaking-bad. Hell yeahhhh!

As you can see here, the right is the front side and the left one is the back side of my iPhone 6Plus in Space Gray (not that you care kan... Hahahahahaha) Ohhh yeah btw please don't mind the props everyone, they're truly innocent! LOL

So this is basically what you see when you lock or unlock my iPhone, pink all over the screen. I know I know. It's just that when I try to change to other colour it just doesn't feel right, you know what I mean? Have you ever feel this way? If yes, then we're friends! Hehehehe btw I googled my wallpaper or background or lock screen in case you wanted to know.

Left: The first page of my phone. I have Messages, Facetime, Photos, Camera, Weather, Clock, Calendar, Extras, Notes, Reminders, Maps, TV, Stocks, iTunes Store, Health, Wallet, My Food Diary, P Tracker Lite, RelaxMelodies, CIMB Clicks, App Store, Settings (Tbh I only use Photos, Camera, P Tracker Lite, Relax Melodies, CIMB Clicks, App Store, Settings, My Food Diary that I just got started) Yapppp!!

Right: The second page of my phone. I have WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, PhotoWonder, VSCO, Snapseed, Reflection, Lighroom, Afterlight, Find iPhone, Match Dots, Zalora, Nasty Gal, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters (I frequently use WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, VSCO, Snapseed and those online shop apps)

Bottom: Phone, Mail, Music and Safari.

As you seen on my first page I've installed My Food Diary, P Tracker Lite and Relax Melodies and I really like using 'em so I think I should share the benefits of the apps with you guys. Fyi, my fav app is RelaxMelodies cus it really helps me go to sleep like no kidding!

Left: My Food Diary App. Fyi, I just installed this application and I really like it cus we can take pictures of our daily foods or drinks and it'll be saved in the calendar that they've provided and since I'm that person who really likes taking pics and writes journal, I kinda sorta fell in love with this app somehow. LOL. So for those who likes to take pics, I recommend you to install this app asap!

Middle: P Tracker Lite App. I warned you this freaking app is only for GIRLS. I REPEAT GIRLS!!! This app is going to help you because it tells you bila hang period, geddit? I don't want to say much about this app so just install already and try it for yourself.

Right: RelaxMelodies App. Like I said this app really helps me to fall asleep faster and I really think that you guys should install this one cus I know all of you tak tidoq awal pon mesti most of you busy with your gadgets kan? (Same.. Kita sama-sama tak healthy lol) So to stop sleeping late at night, you better install this app RIGHT NOW!!! WHY? Because there are more than 10 relax melodies that literally can help you to get to sleep early so install cepat while it's still free everyone!! But.. kecualilah kalau you drink caffeine masa siang or malam memang payahlah nak tidoq jawabnya... luku kepala taulah. Hehhh btw my fav relax melody is Butterfly and I'm listening to it right now...

I guess that is all for today's entry, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Love you guys so much. Thanks for reading!

Goodbye & Sayonara

11 January 2017

Learn: How to talk like Kedahan?

Assalamualaikum readers

I'm not sure how many of you guys visit my blog, maybe regularly or just to check in once in a while to see what's happening over here. So, for those of you who didn't know, I'm actually was born in Alor Setar, Kedah but I live in Los Angeles for like already 3 years fyi. So yeah...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Fine, that's not true! I'm joking (HA HA HA). But yeah, living in LA is one of my biggest dreams ever, I would really like to stay there for like 5-6 years you know just because.. Insha Allah one fine day!! Pray for me, will ya?

Anyways, I'm living in Kedah which I'm sure you can tell if you read my older posts because I often use my Kedah accent (we'll duhhh cus I'm from there) and yeah I'm a proud Kedahan (oh really?) "ada apa ja dekat Kedah tu" "hulu kampung ada lah" "paling hebat pon Aman Central" "Langkawi ja kot". LOL don't be so judgy okay? Kedah has everything like erm...like... ermm paddy fields??? Hahahahaha. If you're so curious about Kedah, why not you come here? Then, I'll show how fun and beautiful Kedah really is!!

So, today I decided that I'm going to be your online teacher and I'm going to teach you on "How to talk like Kedahan?". I know right, interesting! (manalah tau nak jodoh orang Kedah kan, kenalah tau cakap Kedah en en) It's so easy to talk like Kedahan, you basically need to change the first or end of letters. For example, kipa"s" to kipa"ih", paga"r" to paga"q", gil"e" to gil"a""k"ereta to "q"eta etc. Let's just start learning already!


There are a lot more of weird Kedah words that I can't remember because I rarely use them and you guys might just get confused cus it'll get harder than this but yeah I really hope this will help you to talk like Kedahan (like a pro lol) and you surely can ambik hati your crushes after this (hopefully la) LOL. I really enjoyed writing this entry though, so make sure you had fun reading this, ok? Btw, if you have any questions about this entry, you can comment down below and I'll respond 'em right away cus erm erm... I'm always free. Hehehehe so yeah I guess that is all from me. Thanks for reading!

Goodbye & Sayonara

06 January 2017

What the heck?

Assalamualaikum readers

What the heck is she thinking?

So I literally searched my old blog url on Google (it's sayastinkyarmpit.blogspot.com in case you didn't know) then something weird just happened... This Indonesian blogger (girl) is using that url though. LOL. I'm okay with that since I changed my url last 2 months if I'm not wrong but what makes me pissed off is she's using my old header. I was like what the heck?! Where did she found it? Google? Or did she read my blog before this? And what's weird is, she's using my old url, old header and the same blog title as mine. Is this coincidence or something? CUS IT'S KINDA CREEPY AF. I'm starting to freak out here.

I don't want to be rude or childish, but girl are you obsessed with me?? Like come on, are you?! Because it's kinda too much and of course a bit funny you know cus ahhhhh.. I'm feeling like a popular person already (which I'm not) LOL. But hey, if you are reading this, please consider about what I said, will you? Thanks!! No need to worry, I'm a cool person, I don't bite..... unless you bite me first. Ahak ahak what am I trying to say here? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whatevs!

Click on the image above to visit the blog

Then I also left a komentar on her blog and I hope she's cool with it! Please be noted that I'm not angry or anything (terkejut ada lah) it's just that I don't feel comfortable when people are using my work without my permission so yeah that's probably why.

Goodbye & Sayonara