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21 August 2017

How was my semester 1? #DegreeLife

Assalamualaikum Readers

I've been wanting to tell you guys about semester 1 of my degree life so bad but it's just that I'm so freaking lazy to type everything and I sleep a lot damnnnnnn also I've been busy with video editing that I'm going to upload on my YouTube channel even though I'm not popular but yeah I think I kinda like to make or edit videos now, my new so-called passion lol!!! So here I am, sitting on my bed while typing all this crap for you peeps. 

First of all, how the heck are you doing?!!! Sorry for being kinda hiatus for about 4/5 days or so.. Hehehe. I miss my blogging life so much though I can just blog all day cus I have FINISHED my semester one! Like whuuuutttt? Where has the time gone man.. but yeah Alhamdulillah, I'm so happy!!! Even though I know, tak lama lagi dah masuk semester baru hmmmmmmm ugh whatever let's just skip on that sad part already! Imma share with you guys about my semester 1 of freaking degree life.

Hmmmm, where to start huh?

So my first day of class was better than I thought which made me so relieved! I met Lydia, Nayli, Mai and Bella. I was scared like crazy that no one wants to be friend with me but Alhamdulillah I met them and of course they're so nice to me which I'm so thankful (thanks girls) Then, after few weeks (if I'm not mistaken) we became friends with Kema and we created a WhatsApp group named Savage Squad, savage ka? Hell yeah!!

Left: My #OOTD for the first day of class
Right: My #OOTD for the second day of class

Ughhhh, I think ni la akibatnya kalau delay post, I can't remember shit! So how am I going to tell you guys?! Hahahahahaha I hate myself!

First semester wasn't that tough I guess, it's just that if you guys are like me, you might find it hard to be independent as I'm not an independent woman. I think it's true, people said that once we enter degree life, we need to be independent. Diploma or STPM sumpah berbeza dengan degree, for me la. When I was in my diploma, I'm always with my friends like most of the time, maybe because kami semua satu class sampai semester 5 kot, that's why we were always together unlike degree, you have certain classes with your friends and sometimes you might end up alone dalam class yang you don't know anyone and that'll make you be an independent person if you don't know how to socialize la, if you do I guess you'll be fine. I guess, I don't really know how to socialize with people (duhhhh) because sometimes I'm just that awkward potato that don't know how to approach people but yeah I kinda forced my comfort zone and start to socialize with people cus I love to talk and I want to talk with people instead of wall also I just like making new friends, I think it's cool that I can share some of my interest with them, kan? Don't you think so?

Talking about independent, most of my friends are from KL so every weekends, they always went back home which means I'm all alone and susahlah kalau nak hang out or do this and that but guess what guys?!!!!!!! They kinda helped me to be independent cus I can go to cafe/ koperasi etc alone now. I know it sounds so stupid like hello pi koperasi sorang pon tak reti ka?! (sadly, yes!) That's why I'm so proud of myself! Wehhhh, if you guys really know me, like really really really know me, I'm not an independent person at all!!!! Nak bayar duit kat cashier pon segan, nak naik grab/ uber sorang pon takut, nak jalan sorang- sorang pon takut and so on but now I think I can probably do everything alone except for solo travel like hell no guys. Hehehehehehe oh btw if you guys wonder that I don't have other friends ka apa, nooooo! I do have other friends, it's just that sometimes I want to do everything alone without anyone accompany me, I want to challenge myself, I want to know if I can do it or not, I want to see how far I can go. You geddit gurrrrrrl? (and tbh sometimes being alone is nice) If you don't believe me, you should try first! Who knows you might like it.

Fyi, I'm one of JPB (Jabatan Penggerak Biro) of my college and my job is a photographer which I love it so much because I love taking pictures. I'm so grateful that I get to be a JPB for last and next semester cus I know tak senang dapat. I interviewed for photographer and I got it, like heyyyyyy Alhamdulillah, I'm so happy! Masa first time interview tu sumpah best, my leader was soooooo supportive we talked and laughed a lot (cus we're utararians and she's my age) also she chose me to be one of the photographers for my college. Thank you so much, Nazu! Ohhh btw my friend, Zahrah and I won for JPB Paling Perform when we were being photographers of our college event. We were like what? what did we do? tapi takpalahkan we got a hamper!! *flip tudung sekali*. My advice to you people out there, if you guys ada peluang nak join club this and that, just join ja ok?! Sebab you'll have fun, make new friends, gain experience and so on.

also what makes me so happy for being one of the JPB is meeting these girls (Amy and Alis) I love these crackheads so much, jangan lupa janji kita next sem, ok? 

Then, if you're curious about assignments, well normal la kalau stress kan. Quiz, midterms and finals semua tu stress tak pernah tak stress. Tipulah kalau takdak rasa macam nak give up, right? Masa diploma berapa kali dah rasa nak give up tapi Alhamdulillah berjaya jugak even takdaklah sehebat mana, dean's list sekali pon tak pernah dapat, ok?! But yeah, just so you know I'm always that type of person asal lulus jadilah since UPSR sampailah sekarang sebab tu lah tak pernah nak dapat lebih, asyik dapat nyawa- nyawa ikan ja. Hahahahahahahahahaha so please don't be like me ok?! Heck yeah, I'm serious! Be better la like you must freaking work your ass off in everything especially on your assignments. Oh btw, if you guys baru masuk UiTM I mean memana UiTM lah, on semester one you guys MUST join Kesatria Negara (KoKo) which I hate the most sebab kena kawad and I freaking hate kawad cus I'm soooooooooooo freaking bad at it ughhhhhhhhh!!! Awal- awal pi KoKo dulu pon dah kena jerit dengan komander, semua orang lari macam semut hahahahaha sumpah macam stupid bila ingat balik! LOL. Also, bila dah wajib join KoKo hampa semua wajib join Persak (pulak), I don't know how to explain about Persak but basically Persak ni macam pertandingan antara semua orang (semester 1 shj) dengan semua jenis courses. Geddit? Masscom VS Engineering VS Law VS Sport Rec etc and you know what? We freaking won Persak and I had so much fun joining it like hands down people!!



So if you guys dapat sambung study kat UiTM Shah Alam, I think semester 1 ya'll kena dok bilik 4 orang, which I don't really like it because I'm that type of person yang bawak barang macam nak stay forever so I found it hard to organize my stuffs though........ so yeah (lol) Imma show you guys my room but please don't freaking judge me, alright?! Hope you like it hehehehehehehehhehehehehehe.

Hmmmmmm tbh guys these are like some of my stuffs, I got like 3 boxes of my shoes, foods and bags under my bed also my almari or locker??? was full of shitzzzzzzzz, every time people went to my room they always said "mia, you taknak balik ke" "banyaknye barang you" "semaknya" hahahahaha depa tak tengok lagi my room when I was in my diploma fuhhhhh like crazy I tell ya! Idk why I brought so much stuffs, why ah Mia? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????? Whyyyyyyy?????

For those of you who didn't know, I'm a mass com student and fyi every mass com students must participate in Majlis Tautan Kasih (MTK) whatever that is. So on the night of MTK I acted.. as a wife.. as a mom.. as a freaking pregnant mom (which was my idea lol) and I kinda liked it though. Our show was about well erm family? or something like that. I had so much fun acting with my classmates and Imma share you some of my pictures on that day as a pregnant mom wearing a baju kedah with kain batik otw nak terlondeh or Bahasa Melayu, tertanggal Bahasa Inggeris, wait IDK.


So far my first semester of degree was okay, I guess. Masa diploma pon, first semester takdalah happy mana just okay so I think normal la kot. I've been through so many things jugak even baru semester 1 for example, I once had shingles on my forehead and it was so freaking hurt man! Btw, thank you to those sudi melawat I waktu I sakit, you guys are the sweetest! Now, I have a black disgusting scar on my freaking forhead.. just nice! But yeah, everything happens for a reason, maybe sebab selalu sangat menjawab dengan parents and malas pi class kan so dapatlah balasan Allah bagi. Padan muka hang!!! Okay back on topic, what makes me really happy staying at UiTM is probably because I've met so many new friends and they're so nice yet crazy which has made me quickly adapted to a new environment so thank you my friends. I'm so happy that I met all of you! Thank you, Lydia, Nayli, Kema, Bella, Mai, Qila, Nisa, Iqa, Lya, Masyi, Dina, Amy, Alis, Zati, Jiji, Baby, Lin, Yaya, Zahrah and many more! Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for making an awesome semester one for me, so much love for you guys! If you guys are going to study kat memana lah and rasa anxious, insecure and so on, remember this awal- awal you might find it hard nak adapt environment tambah pulak if you guys tak pernah dok jauh from family but trust me somehow you'll get used to it because hello I've been there and I know you can do it. It's okay if you don't like to socialize, it takes time and everything will be just fine In sha Allah. I think that's all for this post, I'm going to update about my #UUMSquad after this (doakan I rajin ok) if not wait for 345678910 days more. Muehehehehehehehehehe thanks for reading! Love you guys to bits.

(I'm gonna miss you old bed, old room, old chair etc)

Goodbye & Sayonara.

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