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10 August 2017

My YouTube Channel!!

Assalamualaikum readers

I've always wanted to upload videos on YouTube but I just didn't have the encourage to do so yet, and why is that? Well yeah I'm scared that people will say something negative on comments about my videos like "kau ingat kau cantik ke" "perasan la kau ni" and so on. The thing is, I just wanted to share my sorta life with the world, it's not that I'm being perasan or something like that. Ok? Please people, let's be nice with each other.

Moving on, I have good news for you or for me? but whatevs who gives a crap!  I have a YouTube channel and for your information,  last 6 days I've uploaded 2 videos there and I kinda feel good about it even though I'm not that good when it comes to video editing like no kidding guys, I'm such a noooooooooob but yeah I did it!! Yay me! So, if you guys are bored at home and got nothing to do, do pay a visit to see my not-so-cool videos on YouTube, it would mean so much to me (self promoting I guess lol)

Firstly, imma show you how to find me on YouTube, let's see..

STEP 1: Click on YouTube icon on my sidebar.


Just so you know, I just uploaded a new video about 10 minutes ago on YouTube, so don't forget to drop by alright!! But if you're too lazy, you can watch my videos here on my blog. Teheee I guess there's no excuse to not watch my videos then. LOL just kidding!

Here you go! I hope you enjoyed my videos and yasssss! I'm still working on the editing though so don't be so judgy! Hehehehehehe. Oh yeah, one more thing, don't forget to view in HD for the best quality and feel free to subscribe my channel ihiks. Love you guys!

Goodbye & Sayonara

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