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10 August 2017

My YouTube Channel!!

Assalamualaikum readers

I've always wanted to upload videos on YouTube but I just didn't have the encourage to do so yet, and why is that? Well yeah I'm scared that people will say something negative on comments about my videos like "kau ingat kau cantik ke" "perasan la kau ni" and so on. The thing is, I just wanted to share my sorta life with the world, it's not that I'm being perasan or something like that. Ok? Please people, let's be nice with each other.

Moving on, I have good news for you or for me? but whatevs who gives a crap!  I have a YouTube channel and for your information,  last 6 days I've uploaded 2 videos there and I kinda feel good about it even though I'm not that good when it comes to video editing like no kidding guys, I'm such a noooooooooob but yeah I did it!! Yay me! So, if you guys are bored at home and got nothing to do, do pay a visit to see my not-so-cool videos on YouTube, it would mean so much to me (self promoting I guess lol)

Firstly, imma show you how to find me on YouTube, let's see..

STEP 1: Click on YouTube icon on my sidebar.


Just so you know, I just uploaded a new video about 10 minutes ago on YouTube, so don't forget to drop by alright!! But if you're too lazy, you can watch my videos here on my blog. Teheee I guess there's no excuse to not watch my videos then. LOL just kidding!

Here you go! I hope you enjoyed my videos and yasssss! I'm still working on the editing though so don't be so judgy! Hehehehehehe. Oh yeah, one more thing, don't forget to view in HD for the best quality and feel free to subscribe my channel ihiks. Love you guys!

Goodbye & Sayonara

08 August 2017

How I met Lydia..

So, I registered into UiTM Shah Alam on 6th March 2017 (my birthday fyi) and I was the happiest girl ever! I mean of course lah sebab dah lama kot nak sambung study kat situ tambah pulak register on my birthday kan, rasa macam I gave myself a present that I’ve been wanting so freaking long, so Alhamdulillah. But, fyi masa hari register tu sumpah aku takdak mood at all!! Why? Well sebab aku pikiaq pasal kawan, aku takut if takdak orang nak kawan dengan aku langsung lol. I know it sounds funny but sumpah aku serious gila when it comes to friends, I'm scared, scared of being alone.

Aku kena register dekat dewan and sumpah aku takdak mood that time but nasib baik family aku teman aku register so aku takdaklah feel keseorangan. Aku Nampak macam ramai ja yang dah ada gang but aku still terkapal-kapal cari kawan diploma aku. Fyi, aku ada sorang kawan from Kptm Kuantan jugak, but sadly masa aku register tu kawan aku tu lambat sikit so aku terpaksa register sorang diri which I hate the most sebab I’m that one person who doesn’t know how to be independent since my dad always manjakan his children. LOL ayah ni semua salah ayah ok?! Hihihihi.

Sumpah cakap penat gila pi here and there, dah pulak takdak faci langsung untuk kemasukkan aku, so sumpah sedih! Semuanya kena tanya orang, kalau orang taktau pepandai lah cari sendiri. But, aku berjaya jugak register on that day and mood swing abis takyah cakap sebab takdak sorang pon yang aku kenal. Semuanya ada gang dah, aku ja awkward sorang. Berbeza dengan masa aku register untuk UUM, aku ada Eyra so pi mana pon dengan dia and tak habis- habis gelak kuat sampai semua orang tengok masa register tu. LOL. Tetiba kat UiTM I ended up register sorang diri and orang lain tengok aku pelik like I don't have a nose or something. Ughhh why people?!

Lepas regiter academic, aku kena register for college. On the way nak register tu, aku banyak diam and muka aku macam susu basi cus yeah aku pikiaq aku takkan ada kawan nanti nakpi class, lunch etc. So, my bro told me to relax and he said...

Abang: It's okay, junior abang pon masscom and dia pon takdak kawan jugak so nanti
adik bolehlah kawan dengan dia. Abang dah bagitau dia suruh teguq adik nanti. Nama dia Lydia.

Me: But dia masscom apa?

Abang: Dia publishing.

Me: Dia publishing, adik CMP so memang daklah nak jadi kawan sebab tak sama.

Then, masa aku register college tu sumpah aku takdak mood habis. Aku tak senyum langsung kat sesapa. But then, ada this one girl mai sebelah aku untuk register college jugak. Abang aku pon mai kat aku and said hi to that girl beside me. Aku sikit pon tak pandang, aku just cepat- cepat register and blah. Time aku blah tu, aku terlupa ambik card aku, so that girl which was Lydia called me "awak- awak, awak terlupa ambil ni", then aku pon pi kat counter tu balik and ambik card aku cakap terima kasih then blah. 

Bila semua dah settle, family aku pon tinggal aku and I cried. Like of course! 

7th March, Tuesdsay
First day of class..

I went to class alone for the freaking first time. Aku dok cari manalah class aku tak jumpa- jumpa, terpaksa tanya senior and luckily they helped me. But you know what?! You know what?! Aku salah tengok jadual class!! Aku tengok jadual hari Isnin, like wtf Mia?! No wonder la class yang aku tunggu tu takdak orang. Hahahahaha I feel so stupid bila ingat balik. Then, aku pon refer la jadual hari Selasa and searched for my classroom. AT LAST JUMPA JUGAK, AND ADA ORANG! 

At first, takut gila nak masuk class sebab full of people and of course lah tempat pun banyak dah penuh. Bila dah masuk tu, aku pun decided dok belakang sekali (alone) but then, ada this one girl (Mai) tegur aku and she told me to sit beside her, I was like wow so nice of her and then aku pon changed my seat and we had conversation. She told me so many things about UiTM which was so helpful, so thanks Mai!! Then,  fyi sebelah aku pon ada orang jugak (saja buat tak nampak kan hehehe) and we talked... 

Me: You CMP eh?

Girl: Taklah, I Publishing.

Me: Ohhh, you diploma mana dulu?

Girl: I dari KPM. You?

Me: Ohhh KPM. I KPTM.

Girl: U tau ke KPM? Sebab ramai yang taktau.

Me: Tau. Kolej Profesional Mara. You KPM mana?

Girl: I KPM Kuantan.

Me: Ohhh!! Indera Mahkota eh?! Abang I study situ jugak!

Girl: Ohhhhh

Me: *slapped her thigh* Ehhhhh, you junior abang I kan?!

Girl: *shocked* Abang you? Abang you nama apa?

Me: Abang I, Khalis!

Girl: Khalis?? *muka bodo* Ohhh faci K?!

Me: Yeahhh! You, Lydia kan?!

Girl: Ha ah, Lydia.

Me: Laaaaaaaaa, omg! Abang I dok cerita pasal you,
tengok- tengok you dok sebelah I *shocked*

Hahahahahahaha, I still can't believe it! Rasa macam dunia ni kecik sangat, tak expect langsung you know. Punyalah ingat takkan jumpa si Lydia ni but then, she sat beside me pulak tu! I guess it is soooooooo true that Allah is the bestest planner ever. We both met each other in an unexpected way.  Kelakar gila bila ingat balik and tak sangka pulak on the first day, aku dah dapat kawan not just Lydia, but Mai, Nayli also Bella and all of them are Pubslishing. Aku sorang ja CMP. LOL.

(Lydia and I)

So, I think that's basically how I met Lydia. My first impression of her was she's a shy person but bila dah kenal........ barulah tahu dia macam mana kan.... Hahahahaha miss you bij! Can't wait to see you next semester. Makin gemok or makin kurus ni? 

Goodbye & Sayonara