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06 September 2017


Assalamualaikum Readers

I knew it!! I just knew it!! Pemalas memang macam ni, if you read my latest post I said that I'm going to update a new post about my #UUMSquad if rajin, but look what happened?! Hahahahahahahaha this is so me (pemalas nak mampos) I haven't done anything pon at home, been busy with nothing but watching YouTube I guess. I mean this week I'm going back to UiTM and and I know that I'm going to be sad that I can't watch YouTube anymore........WHY? BECAUSE OF THE ASSIGNMENTS, STUDIES AND ALL FML!

So today imma tell you guys about my #UUMSquad. Wait Mia, what the heck is hashtag UUMSquad? Idk about the hashtag though (I mean why not) but UUMSquad is my UUM friends, you geddit girl? Before I got into UiTM, I went to UUM first for your information. I applied for Event Management there and I got it but I didn't like it because I really don't want to further my study at UUM. Well, it's not because I hate it it's just that it's too freaking near from my house (literally 30 mins away ok) and I've always wanted to study at UiTM Shah Alam and I want to continue my study in Mass Communication there since I was like in highschool. 

But, fyi as I registered into UUM I was still waiting for UiTM result whether I get accept or not. My first day of orientation in UUM was fun cus I found my Kptm friend and we got the same course, like how cool was that? I was so scared that I might end up alone (as usual) you know like no friends, walk alone, eat alone etc but Alhamdulillah I met my old Kptm friend, Eyra then I met her roomate, Nana and then we met Syima!!

Fyi, I didn't get a roomate though cus the people yang handle bilik tu tersilap bagi bilik ketua DPP something like that. DPP ni is like your college/ dorm. There are DPP Eon, DPP Petronas, DPP BSN, DPP Bank Rakyat, DPP what else ha? I forgot! So myself, Eyra, Nana and Syima got DPP Eon for our 3 days of orientation. Fyi, if you guys dapat masuk UUM well you guys boleh stay in your own DPP sampailah habis sem like how awesome is that? Tak payah dah sibuk cari rumah sewa so tak bazir duit also bilik- bilik kat UUM semua cantik and tak sempit so no need to worry about bringing too much stuffs ok.

UUM's orientation was okay but too freaking boring tbh but I had fun cus got my bitches with me bro kalau depa takdak memang mati kutu lah jawabnya.. Thanks to them!! Here are some pics I took during our first day of boring orientation and damn we played a lot, gosh rindunya!!!

Below pic from left: Eyra, ME and Syima

Nana wasn't in the pics cus dia terpaksa dok dengan barisan lain as she was wearing a cream tudung instead of white, I know right like wth?? We got so angry at some of the facilitators sampai terkutuk macam- macam. Terkutuk ok bukan kutuk. Erm can or cannot? Hahahahahaha. Btw, salah satu sebab seronok dapat UUM is you guys will get so many kinds of stuffs!!! I mean look at our pics above, kami pakai selendang UUM ok! Only in UUM! Then, dapat denim backpack, file, pencil case, shampoo, cleanser and so on! Sumpah banyak gila dapat sampai expired dah my shampoo, cleanser semua tu (I guess seronok sangat dapat UiTM sampai terlupa nak guna barang UUM lol)

After habis orientation, all of us kena tukar DPP and I got DPP Petronas. The four of us got different DPP which kinda sad though especially Nana sebab dia paling jauh. Eyra dapat DPP EON, Syima dapat DPP Sime Darby and Nana dapat DPP TM (DPP TM used to have my crush lol) Damnnnn tetiba teringat, he's freaking tall and he used to sat in front of me, like are you kidding me?! My heart raced like crazy la tunggu apa lagi!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't "like" him, I just like to look at him. I mean sapa suka tengok sampah right?

I did tell them that I was waiting for UiTM result and they didn't want me to transfer there and hell yeah I felt so freaking bad/sad about it because I already met them and sumpah cakap depa ni baik gila pig, baru kenal sehari pon dah macam orang gila. Masa Kptm dulu kalau jumpa Eyra dok hi hi bye bye ja then bila betul- betul kenal baru tau perangai dia macam mana (paling baik and lembut of course). Syima takyah cakaplah 2 kali 5, 5 kali dua sama dengan aku tak guna. Hahahahahahahahahaha ok Syima jangan marah aku, sayang hang muah muah. Then, Nana pulak pendiam (gelak ja dengaq kami 3 orang Kedah ni cakap even tak lawak) She's from Selangor btw.

We went out to Alor Setar together for the first time and on that day jugak result UiTM keluaq, I was freaking out tapi sumpah takmau tunjuk depan my friends because I don't want to ruin the mood so I decided to check the result diam- diam whilst we were searching for parking in Aman Central then Alhamdulillah I got into UiTM (only Allah knows how I felt that time) but I didn't tell them. I was being so quiet and I pretended like nothing happened. I got so happy that I told my family in WhatsApp group and as usual no one responded (my family is the best) But then my friends semua tanya dapat dak UiTM and I told them that I got it. They congratulated me and they were sad that I'm going to leave. I felt so bad because I really love them cus they really get me you know. When people understand you, it's hard to let them go, kan? Not many people can understand us though (tetiba)

I decided to accept UiTM and leave UUM for good though but yeah life must go on. Ooooo I'm being so serious over here. Who is this? Fyi, Alhamdulillah my friends study kat UUM, so bila cuti boleh jumpa depa and kami semua tak lost contact still membabikan diri memasing lagi till now except for Nana, she quit UUM as she got married with her boyfriend (awww so happy for her) and now she's pregnant like girl, you so fast meh!! Hahahahahaha

My beautiful Nana and her beloved husband

Fyi, disebabkan my #UUMSquad baik sangat to me so I joined them to go to the first week of class (jadi pendatang haram sat) and I had so much fun with them so thank you guys especially to Eyra sebab rajin layan kami pi library (usha laki- laki hensem oopps) Hehehehe dapat jugak merasa belajar kat UUM which was sooooooo awesome guys!! Facilities kat sana memang boek and people there takyah cakaplah semua baik and friendly. One of the reasons seronok dok UUM is international and campur bangsa so you get to friends with Indians, Chinese, Nigerians and so on. DEPA SEMUA FRIENDLY!!! (tetiba rasa menyesal pindah...erm) Banyaklah benda best if you guys sambung degree/ master/ foundation/ PhD kat sana, kalau nak shopping pon habis- habis pi Aman Central hehehehe kalau dah bosan sangat bolehlah pi Penang. Ok nak study ka nak shopping? Nak study buat cara nak study, ceh look who's talking? The one yang selalu broke setiap kali keluar... 

Like I told you guys before, I registered UiTM on my 22nd birthday and my #UUMSquad was freaking sweet that they surprised me and Nana for our birthdays. Nana and I weren't expect it at all, thank you so much Eyra and Syima!!! You guys are the sweetest! I wasn't feeling well on the day they surprised me though, I had allergies and my face was all red but I got so happy and almost teared up, yes! I'm so lucky to have them in my life. Baru kenal like 3/4 days but they made me so happy, tell me how can I not love them?

We did record some videos of what happened on that day, but I chose not to post here though cus I swore too much.... Why? Well cus they were throwing flour on my freaking face!!!  Last but not least, I love my #UUMSquad so much it hurts. I can't wait to see them tomorrow and we gon watch IT people, imma hella scream my ass off tomorrow!! Just wait....

Goodbye & Sayonara

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