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25 February 2017

What's in My Bag, 2017 Edition

Assalamualaikum readers

I'm going to share a very exciting stuff with you guys though I know it may not be for anybody but I definitely think some of you will enjoy this. If you do, give me a yay. Fyi, I'm always super into organizing everything in my bag since I was in high school like I always organized my books, pencil case, colour pencils etc very neatly and seriously guys I'm not kidding at all!! I've been probably super into it since then. Btw, a lil fun fact about me, even though I never did my homeworks when I was in high school (I mean why would I? Heck naaah) but to me having a neat bag is freaking important especially when you are a girl. Right? I took care of my backpacks very seriously since I was in form 1 and I also wrapped my school chair with wrapping papers for my bag so they won't get dirty or something. Am i weird? LOL. I mostly bought pink or white backpacks so I think that was the reason why I wrapped my chair. Please don't give me that weird face, I can see you! Hahahah and guess what? (you guys be like "whuttt") I still have 'em all! Waittttt, I think I kinda gave my form 3 bag to someone, so I probably still have like 4 backpacks now? Ermmm, I'm not sure I suck at counting so that's why I got a D in Maths, like no kidding guys! LOL

So yeah, today I'll be sharing a what's in my bag post and I'm very excited to show you my neat and clean bag (for now...) with you guys. Yayyyy!! Before you say anything, yes I know there are a lot of stuffs in my bag and my bag is always heavy but I kinda like it because it makes me feel safe somehow. Well duhhhh, my bag literally has everything I need. Fyi, I'm that one friend who always bring tissues/pads in my bag/pocket since high school, so semua orang be like "weh nak tisu" "weh, hang bawak pad kan? Nak satu". I'm obviously a life saver, kan? To all my friends, if you are reading this, please be proud yourself because you have the coolest friend ever. Hahahahahahahaha bwek! Oh yeah one more thing! I'm not a fan of handbags, purses, backpacks or what so ever (cus I'm more into shoes) so I usually buy for quality yet affordable bags from Zalora, online shops from Instagram and Brands Outlets. LOL like oh my god it's 2017 and I still shop at Brands Outlet. Ahhh come on, it's affordable af kot! Buy 2 free 1 weh and not to forget berkualiti pulak tu. LOL I think they should probably sponsor me for saying this.

Just because I got rajin today, Imma show you babes my what's in my big and small sized of bags (fake yay...) LOL. Fyi, my favorite things in my bag are my purse (duhhh), phone (heck yeah), glasses (untuk usha lelaki hensem dari jauh ok) and last but not least my one and only favorite lipstick from Silkygirl. So, what is your fav thing in your bag? Share with me!


What I got in my big/ normal sized of bag:

Doublemint chewing gum
Coin pouch from River Island
Body lotion from Bath and Body Works
Foundation from Maybelline
Glasses (yes, I'm farsighted) 
Hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
Ear pods
Lipsticks from Kissproof and Silkygirl
Purse with no money
Compact powder from ZA
Pepper Spray
Twin mirror from Forever 21
Lip balms from Maybelline and Sierra Bees
My phone of course!
Make up bag from Forever 21


What I got in my small sized of bag:

Compact Powder 
Twin mirror
Pepper Spray
Chewing gum
Body lotion
Lip balms

I think that's all? So these are the junks that I have in my bag and I would really like to know what you guys carry around on your everyday basis? Don't forget to comment down below. Heeeeee thanks! Much love for you guys.

Goodbye & Sayonara

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