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31 May 2017

My life right now..

Assalamualaikum readers

Goshhhhhhhhhh, I miss my blogging life so much!!! I’ve been very busy with my degree life lately and I hate it. LOL. Haritu nak sangat sambung degree, bila dah degree benci pulak! Well, of course…. Sebab assignment banyak sangat and jadual class non stop sampai hari Jumaat, like why?! Dulu masa diploma, Jumaat tu dah start cuti. No kidding! Damnnnn missing diploma life so much it hurts and I haven’t seen my diploma friends since forever kot. Hmmm, how are you guys? Sumpah rindu yall! We should meet though???? But yeah, semua busy right now hmmmm. I geddit I geddit.

So, right now I’m currently at home cus cuti seminggu yall! Yayyyyy me! But now tinggal 4 hari lagi nak balik uitm. DAMNNNNN IT!!! Oh yeah, talk about uitm..well Alhamdulillah I’m furthering my degree in UiTM Shah Alam (dream come true guys) I can’t believe it! Still right now macam tertanya- tanya kat diri sendiri “betul ka dapat uitm shah alam ni, like how” and one more freaking thing guys!!!!! I got mass comm like what the heck?!!! Dah lama nak mass comm kot. Alhamdulillah walaupun haritu masa interview macam taik ja but still Allah tolong. Thank you so much to my interviewee for being so kind, may Allah bless you!

I have so many things to tell you guys but don’t really have much time because I’ve got lots of assignments to do hmmmmm. I think masa paling free is nanti cuti sem yappppp!! Can’t wait to tell you guys about UUM and UiTM (what UUM? Yes!! Sambung degree kat UUM dulu before UiTM fyi) my new degree friends, my faculty, my coursemates, my assignments (wait what?) okay fine lah my new life. LOL.  InshaAllah, if ada masa free I’ll update you guys so soon.

Imma show you guys my #SavageSquad (my cliques la duh) in UiTM, there are Lydia, Kema, Nayli, Bella and Mai. I love them so much and fyi 4 of them are from Publishing while Kema and I are from Communication Management Policy but somehow we end up together hehehe. Fyi, they're not that savage especially Bella (lol) compared to Lydia and I. Lydia, if you're reading this you know what I'm talking about. Hehehehe. We're so nakal like that even baru first sem. LOL. Btw guys, I have something to tell you about how Lydia and I met, it was freaking funny and stupid. But faith has brought us together somehow. Hehehehehe I can't wait to share it with you peeps!

From left Lydia, Mai, Nayli, Bella and me!!!! Kema wasn't in the picture, so sorry!! But I still love you though! #cmpforlife  

Anyways, Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims out there! May your patience and strength take you closer to Allah. InshAllah.

Goodbye & Sayonara

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