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23 November 2016

@_cookingwithmia_ on Instagram!!

Assalamualaikum readers

Like I said in my latest post, I have a huge passion for cooking so I created a cooking account on Instagram which is @_cookingwithmia_ I shared like tons of recipes there and I also got good feedback too! Thanks to those who support me. Love you. Fyi, I really like to cook, it makes me feel so happy and yes, nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy my cooking. Hihihi.

I always ask my family like "sedap dak adik masak?" "sedap dak?" "sedap kan?" sampailah depa rimas okay and if depa jawab tak sedap, siaplah kena marah dengan aku. Hahahahaha. So yeah, today I decided to share some of my delicious food photos with you guys. Enjoy! (ahhhh so hungry already maaa)

There's more but, I'm waaaayyyyyy too lazy to upload. Hihihihi. So, nampak sedap right? Nampak ja sedap belum tentu sedap (wait mestilah sedap tengoklah sapa masak. Mia kot). LOL. Anyways kalau nak recipe or nak tengok more pictures of my cooking you can follow my Instagram @_cookingwithmia_ Thank you!

Goodbye & Sayonara