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01 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Assalamualaikum readers

2016 has been an incredible year and it definitely filled with highs and lows but all together it's changed me into the person I've always wanted to be and knew I was (really?) But, yeah thank you for everything 2016, thank you for the wrong people walking out of my life and making room for the ones who truly want to be kept in it. I've been through so many things but Alhamdulillah hello hi there I'm still alive (and still haven't own a macbook YET. YET OKAY YET) Thank you, ya Allah for this life I'm able to have. Alhamdulillah.

I'm going to share my story of my life on 2016 with you guys, but yeah I'm not going to go into details though. As you know, I've faced so many challenges last year, I'd give up everything (I MEAN IT!!) but luckily my family and friends were always there for me and I'm so grateful to have them in my life. Thank you guys! Fyi, one of my big challenges on 2016 was my ex and I broke up after 22 days of  2 years of being together *wipe tears* (it's okay guys, no one cheated). I cried like everyday and every night (Come on let's be real, we're all been there right?) I didn't get enough sleep nor eat. I didn't get out of my room. Well let's just say I literally did nothing. All I did was crying and duhhhh my eyes were always sore. I LOOKED UGLIER THAN I USED TO. But yeah, I'm okay now. I'm a big girl and big girls don't cry (damn I love this song!)

Yada yada yada let's just forget the sad part and move onnnnnnnnnn! Btw, guys guess what?! I'm turning 22 this year, a bit excited and nervous at the same time but I can't wait to face the new challenges coming my way. I can't wait to see what Allah swt will do next! Hoping and praying for the best! Insha Allah! Btw, I listed some of my story of 2016 down here so yeah let's find out!

1- I lost my grandad. Al- Fatihah.

2- My ex boyfriend and I broke up.

3- Still afraid of driving... ahak ahak ahak.

4- I lost my appetite and I got skinnier. Damn it!

5- I went to Pahang 4 times last year!!!!! Yay me!

6-  I stayed at home for too long! NO KIDDING!

7- I watched too many YouTube videos IN A DAY!

8- I lost my lil turtle. He ran away to be exact....Hmmm..

9- I applied jobs everywhere but sadly no one responded.

10- I got UiTM interview for Mass Comm for the first time.

11- Went on a hike at Panorama Hill for the second time.

12- I broke my netbook when I was in my internship. LOL

13- I lost my baby kitty, Pappi. I love him so much. Al- Fatihah.

14- Graduated college with a diploma in corporate communication.

15- I ruined my favorite h&m boots. FFFFFFFFFFFFFKKKKKK

16- I sold all of my Barbie dolls on Carousell and I miss them already.

17-  I didn't get into any IPTA for my degree...YET!!! Ughhhhhhh, the saddest thing ever!

18- I'm so proud of myself that I bought a beautiful dress for last year's Eid  (read this post)

19- Struggled for my "fun" internship, but thank god I met Syidah. *Syid, if you are reading this, HEY BIJ*
20- I still haven't own a macbook yet (I know I sound like a spoiled brat but if you're my friend, you'll know why) Naaahhhh.. kidding! I JUST NEED A MACBOOK THAT'S WHY LOL.

21- I finished reading some novels when I was in my internship and there were The Best of Me and A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E Smith and last but not least Never Too Late by Rhonda Helms (FAV FAV FAV). I'm not a fan of reading fyi, so I'm very proud of myself!

Hmmmm.. I think that's all? I can't really remember though.. cus I'm so hungry right now LOL. So yeah guys, those are my uninteresting story of my life on 2016. I'm so grateful for everything and I'm very excited to take on 2017 and hope to continue to be a happy Mia that's able to make a difference because happiness matters the most (SO TRUE). Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us and I'm sooooo going to share my 2017 journey with you guys here. I also would like to thank my friends, Asni, Dylla and Sarah for always being there for me (paham-paham la pasal apa). Thanks babes, I really appreciate it. *kisses on ya cheeks* Thanks for reading guys, love you! Have a wonderful 2017 everyone and stay faaaaaaaaaaaaab!

p/s : I upgraded my blog to this new simple look and I'm so in love with it. Do you like it?

Goodbye & Sayonara

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