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04 January 2016

New year; 2016

Assalamualaikum readers

Happy new year to all of you! May all your wishlist come true and have a blast year with your loved ones. I know I will, really? Because I don't think so..

Fyi, I will turn 21 this year. It doesn't sound suck at all. I kinda like it. I want to be independent, act more mature (in daily surroundings), make my own money and so on. Amin. InshaAllah one fine day *giggles*

Last night, I got bad news from my big bro and he said that his friend/classmate, Zaquan Hisham just passed away. His friend is also my friend's boyfriend and he got hit by a car that drove by a woman in Pulau Pinang. I feel so sad and sorry for my friend, Aqila Nadhirah and of course Zaquan's family. If I were his girlfriend, I don't know if I can be happy or smile anymore. It was such a hard time for my friend. I hope she'll be fine. But, I bet she's still crying right now. Hmmmmm... If only I can help her.

If you're reading this please recite Al- Fatihah for Allahyarham Zaquan Hisham. Thank you!

Membaca Al-Fatihah kepada si mati adalah dengan tujuan menyedekahkan PAHALA bacaan tersebut. Kerana, dengan membaca Al-Quran telah dijanjikan balasan pahala.

عبد الله بن مسعود يقول : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من قرأ حرفا من كتاب الله فله به حسنة والحسنة بعشر أمثالها لا أقول آلم حرف ولكن ألف حرف ولام حرف وميم حرف

Maksudnya : Berkata Abdullah bin Mas’ud : Bersabda Rasulullah SAW “ Barangsiapa membaca satu huruf daripada Kitab Allah (Al-Quran), maka baginya satu hasanah (kebaikan), dan setiap satu hasanah baginya 10 pahala. Aku tidak katakan آلم satu huruf, bahkan alif satu huruf, lam satu huruf dan mim satu huruf.
(source: http://inia-lurun.blogspot.my/2011/03/persoalan-sedekah-al-fatihah-kepada-si.html)
Fyi, I never talked to Zaquan and I rarely talk to Aqila. Both of them are actually my big bro's friends. I met Aqila when we were studying in Kuantan. She's a very kind-hearted person because I can see just by looking at her face and many people said so. Same goes to Zaquan. I can see that they're both really love each other so very much and for now I only hope that Aqila is doing alright.

Let's just pray that Allahyarham Zaquan Hisham in a better place, InshaAllah.

For 2016, I don't ask for much but.. I would love to wear braces and own a gopro or a macbook instead (did I said don't ask for much? such a liar) Hehehe but I what I really want for this year is to be happy with my family, Sarif and my friends and I would love to continue my  degree at UiTM Shah Alam or UPM. I know its hard because I'm not a 4flat or 3.5+ student. But, if there's a will there's a way right? Good luck, dear self. Till then, guys!

Goodbye & Sayonara