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24 January 2016

Terengganu with love..

Assalamualaikum readers

I'm going to share my Terengganu moments that I went with my classmates/ housmates, Sarah and Tasha few months ago. We went there for our English assignment and becauseTasha and I haven't been there for so many times while Sarah lives there so she wasn't that excited like the three of us. Sorry Sarah! We couldn't help it. Hahahahaha.

Hmmm well, there's nothing much to say actually because I've been postponed this post for like so many times and I forgot so many little things happened when I was in Terengganu. LOL silly me. But yeah now I'm so excited to show the pictures with my babes for 2 days 1 night in Terengganu. And hey, guess what? I also will share my not-so-travel budget right here in this post with you guys. So stay tuned..!

 We were at Pantai Kijal, Kemaman. I just love beach, I mean look at it! Aren't you in love? So amazingly beautiful. Iwas so excited taking pictures whilst Sarah and Tasha just looked at me with their "what the" faces. Hahahahaha. Sorry girls, camera and us can never be separated. Fyi, I've been to Pantai Kijal for many times but I every time I got there, I be like "omg omg, so beautiful" "omg wanna mandi pantai" "omg gonna take lots of pics" and so on. LOL

And then we continued our journey to Kuala Terengganu... After 2-3 hours we reached at Kuala Terengganu and went to Tasha's granma house that we stayed for 2 days and one night. Fyi, the house is so classic and beautiful. I love it. Then, I met Tasha's granma and I didn't understand what she was talking, because of her Ganu slang yang memang thorboekkkkk! So, I'd just angguk- angguk and geleng- geleng. Hahaha. Sorry granma didn't mean to hurt your feelings though *I love your house*.

At night, we went out for dinner and jalan- jalan. I wore a dark pink pantai midi dress that I bought from Langkawi with a denim jacket, skinny jeans and I looked like a preggy woman. LOL. So we had our dinner at A&I restaurant and I ate nasi putih with tomyam ayam and of course my all time favourite drinks, teh ais aka milk tea.

RECOMMENDED!!! You should go there with your family, friends and loved ones. The foods and drinks are delicious and how about the price, Mia? STANDARD PRICE! I repeat standard price but... there's a but, the service was a bit late. So yeah, perut yang lapaq pon boleh kenyang sebab dah penuh dengan angin. So all of us tak boleh habiskan makanan kami semua. LOL


Salam & Sayonara