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05 January 2015

Its 2015!

Assalamualaikum readers.

Setelah sekian lama tak update blog, harini tetiba terasa terajin nak update. Hihihi. So how are you guys? Doing great? Me? I'm just doing fine here with my beloved family, friends and of course boyfriend... Hahahahahahahahahaha...FYI I really want to share my love story but still waiting for the right time though.

Oh hey!!  
Happy New Year!! May all of you have a bless year with your loved ones!

Last year was a very complicated year for me because, well teenage issues. Salah faham dengan kawan, boyfriend and so on. I thought college's life ni boleh ubah diri yang lame ni jadi awesome but I was wrong! Sebabnya diri yang lame ni makin lame bila dah masuk college yang lame. Wait, college tak lame pon, diri sendiri yang membuatkan everything's lame. Right?

I'm not quite at all in school but when got into college I really don't know how or what to talk about. Its like I've changed and I can't even be the real me at college. That's what sadden me..a lot. FYI I don't have many friends at college as many as I have at school. I don't even know why, but maybe because I'm not that attractive. Urmmm, I am not attractive. I don't talk much in class, I only talk when needed and I only talk with my friends only though I don't have many friends... HA HA HA

Aku selalu sedih setiap kali kalau kena balik Kptm Kuantan sebab still tak boleh hilangkan perangai homesick ni walaupun dah 19, walaupun dah semester 3. I don't know guys, the environment there memang different gila, its like empty. The smell, the place, the view, everything!!  Everything macam hambar for me. Satu pon takleh buat aku senyum dengan ikhlas, gelak macam pontianak, memang susah gila kalau nak betul- betul happy kalau balik sana! Hahahahahaha...... (scroll down)

Till the day I met this one tonggek(ass) guy. And he have changed my life. I KNOW HOW TO NOT FAKING MY SMILE AGAIN... THANKS TO HIM.

Oh year, hampir terlupa!! When I was in semester 2, one of my wishlist tercapai jugak! I've got an iPod touch 5. I still remember the feeling when I touched my new and first ipod in my life. The best feeling ever and I couldn't stop smiling. FYI I bought the iPod by using my own money. Hihihihi. Alhamdulillah. 

Even though, today is 5th January. I still want to share my 2015 azam/wishlist with you people! 

1. I want to be a better person (of course) 
2. A better daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, WIFE?!!!!!!! (my mom will kill me if she sees this)
3. Rapat dengan my big bro like we used to.
4. Dapat result yang elok. Maintain 3.00 above. 4 flat.... amat jauh sekali dong.
5. Shopping barang mahal- mahal starting with pandora for umi (kalau ada duit)
6. Dapat macbook....not gonna happen but who knows? hikhikhik
7. Picnic with loved ones.
8. Ambik gambaq banyak- banyak.
9. Gila online shopping macam selalu. 
10. Jadi kaya so weekend ja balik Kedah jumpa family. 
11. Nak jumpa kawan- kawan lama tapi semua pakat busy T.T
12. Nak muka flawless macam model Clarins.
13. Jadi lebih garang&jujur.
14. Penyabaq.
15. Rajin update blog....and many more cus too tired to type.

For those who want to buy an iPod Touch 5, but still rasa hesitate. I have something fun to share with you guys. These are unedited pictures that had been taken with my yellow iPod Touch 5. Enjoy!

Those are iPod Touch 5


FYI, sekarang harga iPod Touch 5 dah banyak gila turun, I still remember I bought my iPod for RM1046 (if I'm not mistaken), now its only RM729 click here, ISN'T IT FREAKING CHEAP?! CEPATLAH BELI AND LETS BE GANG! Hahahaha. Whoops, baru perasan yang I only cerita pasal hasil gambar guna iPod, erk! Yang lain pasal iPod 100% best! Except that, we can't install WhatsApp...muehehehehehehehehe. So I guess that's all for today... I'll update more soon.. See ya!

Salam & Sayonara.