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20 January 2013

My 2013 story

Assalamualaikum readers.

First of all, Happy Belated New Year, everyone! May Allah bless us all. InsyaAllah. 

What's your wish for 2013? Let me guess... 

- Get married with husband-to-be?
- Chanel handbag?
- Samsung Galaxy Note II?
- New room?
- New baby?
- Get married?
- Get married?
- Get married?

Sorry sorry. Idk what the hell is wrong with my keyboard here. Asyik ter-type get married ja (kasar tone)/ je (lembut tone). Hahahaha. Ish, terserlah kegedikan ku~ Rawrrr with gatai tone. Kikikikiki

So baybayh, you wanna know my wish for this freakin year? Well, mine is....mmmm well.....mmmmm...ahhhhh.....errrrr.....mmmmm......ahhhhhh.....mmmmm.....idk....mmm....wait....errrr...Dude, I want an iPhone! (tak mintak banyak pun, nak iPhone ja) iPhone 5 pun jadilah mom and dad! Wait, what I meant is iPhone 4s,  pretty please?

Okay, kali ni aku sendiri pun terkejut sebab memang dah laaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa sangat tak update blog padahal memang I swear! I'm not lying/ saya tak tipu atau bohong ada banyak cerita nak diceritakan but baybayh, I've been so damn busy lately. Idk why, just saying btw. LOL.

Fine, aku mengaku. Aku ni perasan macam orang kerja full-time padahai part-time pun tak lepaih lagi. Piiiiirrrrrahhh. Apa yang aku tau, lepas bangun tidoq menguap then garu kepala then mandi while dancing sebab dok dengaq lagu Finally Found You - Enrique Eglesias best sangat then pi dapuq then breakfast then tengok TV then FB/ Twitter/ Flickr/ WeHeartIt/ Tumblr/ Instagram/ then tidoq petang then makan then makan then tengok drama then tidoq malam.

Who does those awesome activities at home? Put your hands up baybayh. And let me tell you something, we are just so sad. The thing is we need to get a job so we can earn our OWN money. Its damn fun, don't you think? Why? Because we can buy of course not all of our wishlist but some of 'em. Sekarang/ La ni, bila kerja salary tu bukan RM 5 per day but of course, it  must've cost at least RM 100 something or above? Woi, boleh kaya kalau pandai simpan, trust me baybayh. But sadly, we were just busy with sleeping ugly, eat like monsters and yawning at home. Isn't it bored? At least if kita kerja, we can gain our experience kan?

hahahahahahahaha, aku pun tak kerja dok pandai pandai suruh orang kerja pulak *ketuk kepala*............ aku nak keja wei tapi depa takmau ambik 18 below (bukan takmau ambik 18 below, depa tengok my lazy face pun, they can guess that I'm lazy ah, what else?) LOL. But seriously, depa takmau ambik 18 below...........Actually, I got a pretty simple job last week if I'm not mistaken but it doesn't suit me well, so I pushed myself to reject it........so tak kerja teruslah jawabnya.......at first I felt sad but then I thought of something that always can make me happy and that was...... I still can sleep like a boss. Oh yeah!..... bla bla bla..... 

Conclusion : sumpah penat and susah cari keja yang betul betul sesuai dengan kita.

I need to brave myself to tell something that I've never ever wanted to tell you guys. Frankly, I sorta miss my school, I mean my ex-school. LOL. Dude, not that learning part. Hell no. I miss my friends, I miss my un-cool school uniform, I miss my freaking kind-awesome-friendly teachers, I miss my classroom yet I miss my classmates. The end. I don't want to talk about school anymore. Hahahaha. Don't push it bro!

So, what am I doing lately? I was busy reading kpp book, hang out with my friends, finding jobs, class trip, talking nonsense with my mom, granny, brothers and sis, sleeping, eating, messaging with my loved ones, taking pictures, tidying my messy room, watching Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Regular Show, Korean dramas, playing The Sims 2, editing some random pictures, uploading pictures on flickr and facebook, chatting with my friends and seniors, staring at ..... pictures, reading comics, searching something that I really need to buy but I just don't have enough money which is so sad? K, I know I know.

Well, that's all for today's class. See you guys on blogger next week. Hihihihi. Fyi, I'm gonna post my Trip to Langkawi with my awesome classmates later, I'm so excited. Mintak mintaklah aku rajin. *gulp*

Salam & Sayonara.